Queso leche cruda artesano sin lactosa amazon prime queso andaluz

Artisan Cured Cheese from raw milk


Queso curado de vaca de Fuentes de Andalucía Oro andaluz


We belong to the Andalusian Artisan Cheese Makers Association (AQAA) that governs the patterns of how to make a cheese as dictated by Andalusian tradition.

Unlike artisan cheese, the vast majority of cheeses on the market are industrial and processed, they incorporate different additives, preservatives, egg lysozyme, potato starch, etc. Our cheese is 100% organic and the rind is natural and edible.

Lv la verea quesos artesanos quesoandaluz.com quesoandaluz elaborado de forma artesanal, el regalo perfecto, suave y tierno. Queso payoyo, queso de vaca, queso andaluz


We treat our cheeses as unique pieces, they are made and turned by hand.

Our philosophy departs from current industrial production standards. Each cheese is framed within a very limited production and even more if we compare it with any cheese industry.

aceite de oliva arbosana calidad premium ecológico


Our olive grove is certified organic by the CAAE, this season we have gone a step further, we analyzed soil, water and leaves and we decided to take advantage of the good state of the plantation to obtain a PURE oil and as healthy as our great-great-grandparents could have taken it, a Andalusian or a Roman. We have spent a whole season without contributing absolutely anything, just land, water and sun, a lot of sun.


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***** We tried it in a gourmet room and since then it has not been missing at dinners with friends and everyone asks about the brand! We met the family that makes them, they are charming and you can understand why they make such quality cheeses 😋

David (AMAZON Client)

***** Spectacular I am very cheesemaker and this one I love has a flavor that hooks in fact I am going to buy another right now

Yolfer (AMAZON Customer)

Excellent cheese! I don't usually order cheeses online, but this one caught my attention because of its good appearance and the truth is that it surprised me. It has a quite characteristic flavor, delicious!

Cristina (AMAZON Client)