The power of good cheese

Tomake the cheese We need theraw material, in our case it isCow milk This can be raw or pasteurized, what is the difference between the twos?

The raw milk, Is that which no has been subdued to no heat treatment, that is, the milk milked from the animal. The pasteurized milk, is the one that has been subdued yet treatment, to reduce the number of microorganisms present in milk.

The rennet, is a substance that ruminant mammals contain, mainly contains the enzyme used for making cheese. There is also the vegetable rennet, extracted of the thistle flower, which we use to make the cream cheese.

Brine, is a water and salt concentrate, where the cheese spends the time necessary to absorb the salt it needs for its conservation.

Natural bark, one that has not been treated with products such as paraffin or paints; what respect the natural cheese production. In some cases, these are hydrated with olive oil.

The serum, is the liquid part that remains after the milk coagulates during the manufacturing process.

In short, there are a few terms that not sound familiar to all of us but that we should know:)