La verea andaluza

Artisan Andalusian Cheese, 100% flavour.

La Verea Andaluza take the name in honor to the ancients paths called “Las Veredas”, there was animal routes where beasts were moved from winter to summer grassland.

Handmade cheese | Selected raw milk from the best local cows

Seville province, is a historical rancher land. Doubtlessly Seville has a strong bonding with cattles. Famous Seville April fair origins come from purchase and sale of livestock. 

To stablish the quality cheese bases we use raw milk, is the most important pillar of the process.

Carlos Pérez, veterinarian and founder  of La Verea Andaluza, is responsible to select to our farm the best cattles. Carlos has a studied alimentation plan and take care of the cows health.

We have selected over two decades the best national and international races. Spanish, French, Swedish and German cows give us a exceptional milk quality.

Technically we have the maximun  certificated quality by laboratories, defined Triple A levels. The results are a deep flavour milk with differentiated taste, are the key factors to make a unique milk raw cheese.

*If you are interesed in our artisan cheese do not hesitate to ask for a quotation:

La Vereda

Contacto Fontaleva:

Gerente: Carlos  Pérez (695558892)

Fábrica/Producción: Antonio Pérez (675843057)

Pedidos Online: Javier Perez (685511649)



C/ Ronda, 1

Fuentes de Andalucía


Horario Fábrica

Lunes – Viernes  8:00 - 15.00

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